Roof Repair Cleveland Ohio

3 Things to know when looking for Roof Repair Cleveland Ohio

If you are in Cleveland Ohio and you need roof repair, there are a few key things to know first:

How much should it cost?

Researching approximate pricing is a very important element of looking for roof repair Cleveland Ohio. If you don’t know how much it should cost, it is very common to get overcharged, sometimes by thousands of dollars! So what is the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen? Online research is key, and getting online estimates and reading reviews is a great place to start. Next, pick up the phone and call a few of the top rated contractors and schedule an appointment. You will want to get at least three estimates for any major damage.

Is the roof the only thing that needs to be repaired?

One common mistake is thinking that water just dries up and goes away. Unfortunately, in a house this just isn’t the case. Often, when you have water enter your home beams, floorboards, drywall, carpet, etc. can all get damaged. In these cases, there are many times that your homeowner’s insurance rep/adjuster will estimate the damage or the repair to the roof and clearly leave out the additional items that were effected by the water intrusion.

What is covered by your homeowner’s insurance?

That brings me to my next point: What should be covered by your insurance policy. In the example used above water is coming in through a leak in the roof. In this instance the adjuster representing the insurance company will come out and attempt to minimize the amount of damage that the insurance company is liable for. Now this is common sense, considering he is paid by the insurance company. The common misconception is that the roof repair is all the insurance company is responsible for. This is simply not true. The insurance company is responsible for returning your home to a “pre-loss” condition. This means that and flooring, walls, or even personal property that is damaged in the event should be covered by your insurance policy.

What’s next?

Of course, you will need to find a reputable roof repair company, Cleveland Ohio to come out and do the work. Even before you get the damage repaired, assuming that there is a bucket under the water source, reach out to us and we can email you a list of three very good roofing contractors in your area and also give you more information regarding your rights as a homeowner’s policyholder. Just fill in the form below or call us directly at (888)343-8618. We will help in any way we can!




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